When Relationship Drama goes Social!

In 2014, I can guaruntee you’ve seen some Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram drama. So what do you do when your personal business is in the streets? Our FAB Staff gives you a few tips on what to do when your personal business goes social! #facebook #drama #twitter #beef
1. Avoid the drama. Don’t get sucked in. If possible, don’t even acknowledge the situation. People will slowly forget and you can resurface on social media.
2. Delete with Caution- Avoid emotionally deleting. Chances are you’ll be adding them back as friends or you’ll regret you deleted them. Once the drama hits the internet, all eyes are on you! Don’t get too emotionally involved because that will add fuel to the drama flames. Give yourself time to process whatever happened, and then delete people or your profile as neccessary.
3. Have some dignity- You don’t have to accept people (spouses,friends, family) abusing you on social media. If they are being so childish to do it once, they will likely do it again. It shows a great lack of respect to blast you on the internet. Remember that! It’s okay to let people go from your life. If they are in a place to cause drama on social media, don’t stoop to their level, instead erase them from yours! Remember you do have a reputation! Jobs, friends, and family are looking at your profile.  Stay out of the drama and just move forward.
4. Time heals all wounds- Although you may feel embarrassed by the drama, remember most people have just as much drama in their own lives. In time they will forget and if they don’t, happily unfriend them and move on.
5. Be private- After some “drama”, avoid rushing to show off your new “happiness”.  Keep your business to yourself and you’ll avoid round 2 of the internet wars.
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