What’s In My Hospital Bag For Labor + Delivery

Before my pregnancy, I didn’t really get why bloggers did a “What’s in my Hospital” bag post.

I guess until you are pregnant you don’t really realize how important these things are. Not only did your feedback on the Instagram poll I took prove to be extremely helpful {thank you!}, but I really dove into research during my nesting phase in the third trimester. I also, admittedly, packed my hospital bag at the 29 week mark, then re-packed it at 33 weeks and did a final once over yet again at 36 weeks {ha!}. Hey, I might just take everything out and re-pack it one more time…. getting restless over here!

As my due date quickly approaches, I have submitted to the fact that I have zero control over when and how our baby will come. I think the reason why I have obsessed over packing is because it’s the one thing I can control. I also reached out to a few blogger friends who have recently gone through having a new baby and asked them all sorts of questions.

The very first “work” related friend I told that I was expecting was Kim from the blog Eat Sleep Wear. Kim has been one of the strongest sources of support for me throughout this pregnancy. We used to see a lot more of each other in person and it’s kind of amazing how comfortable I feel randomly reaching out to her with a crazy question. She is always there, always honest and always real. I loved her blog post about what to pack in your hospital bag for delivery. But I was still curious and asked her “What was one thing you were surprised to learn about the labor? Or what was one thing you did not know going in?”

Kim, from Eat Sleep Wear

I was surprised to learn that it didn’t need to be this dramatic, screaming crazed thing you see in the movies. While labor was hard, I felt my personal experience in the hospital was very surprisingly CALM. Yes there were challenges, yes pushing was WORK. But overall, when I play back that day, there was a sense of calm that came over me. Even my husband was shocked at how cool and collected I was. We struggled with infertility for years and I think one of the most important things I learned throughout the whole process, pregnancy and facing delivery was to let go, and go with the flow. I never made a birth plan because I knew that what needed to happen for us to meet our baby safe and sound would happen. I think this mindset really helped me go into the labor process with an open mind and heart.

My friends at Paravel gave me, Grant and the baby each a new bag for the big birth day! I love that we have matching bags and the Weekender Tote is the perfect size to take a few outfits for baby and leave some space for the hospital goodies I hear you want to bring home. I’ve broken down my packing list in two: Labor & Post Labor which you can find below.


Within my bag I had packing cubes that I labeled: Car/Home Labor, Labor and Delivery, Post Labor. These included things within them that I’d need for each phase that way Grant can just grab them and pull things out to distract me.

  • Headphones: Music is so, so important to me and it can really help me to find a meditative state.
  • BeatsPill Speaker: In case I didn’t want to totally drown out the entire room using headphones and this way we can set the mood for a positive birthing experience.
  • Flameless Candles: The lighting in hospitals is harsh and I read somewhere that bringing in your own candles can really help decrease anxiety and stress.
  • Anti-Slip Socks: This was a solid recommendation from Instagram. I purchased a couple of pairs so I wouldn’t be bummed to toss the ones I deliver in.
  • My Canon G7X to video the experience.
  • Extra-long phone charger cable {thank you Kim}
  • Gatorade + Trail Mix + Honey Packets.
  • My own hospital gown.
  • Scope: Another strong recommendation from social media in case I {ahem} get sick during the process.
  • Carmex: I cannot stand chapped lips and since you get so dehydrated during labor, this was another strong recommendation from Instagram.

Aku Tonpa

Flameless Candles

I love these battery operated flameless candles!

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  • House slippers with grip: Because the idea of walking barefoot {or even in socks} in a hospital doesn’t sound appealing
  • Shower flip flops: See above
  • Cozy set of pajamas, going home loose dress and a cozy outfit to wear around the hospital
  • Travel sized shampoo, condition, lotion and other beauty supplies that I love
  • Baby nail kit: My sister in law said her baby came out with really long nails and they didn’t supply her with trimmers at the hospital so her baby ended up scratching himself on Day 1.
  • Big, comfy, boy short undies: Per your amazing suggestions
  • Twinkle Lights: My friend Louise Roe strongly suggested this in a vlog post for a nice way to set the mood in your room post birth.
  • My own pillow from home
  • My laptop & charger
  • Baby: 2 night time outfits, 2 onesies, 2 swaddles, going home outfit and 2 pacifiers.
  • Starbucks gift cards for the nurses


Main Line Duffel

This is the duffel bag that Grant packed in. He didn’t really pre-pack anything but we have it ready to fill in his closet for go time.

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Weekender Tote

The Weekender Tote is the smallest of the three so we designated this one for all things baby.

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Am I missing anything? Leave a comment below!

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