Weekly Gent Updates (Top 5 Places to Find a Belt in Dallas)


Let’s face it, you’re a man and you need a good belt to go with your manly wardrobe. Trust me I know you can find a belt anywhere, but that thinking is probably why you constantly replace your belt or walk around with frayed edges on your belt. Here are 5 great places to get a belt in Dallas.
1. J. Hilburn
This company has amazing wardrobe pieces that are stylish and the best thing is it’s all custom and tailored to you. The belts that you will find are guaranteed to gain your praises. You can either find a J. Hilburn stylist to have come straight to your home or wherever is convenient or you can visit their showroom located at 2727 W Mockingbird Ln #103, Dallas, TX 75235
2. Suit Supply
Suit Supply is one of my favorite places to shop PERIOD. Don’t let the name fool you though. They offer plenty more than just a perfectly tailored suit. From socks to shirts to ties and don’t forget belts. Visit their beautiful location located at 3700 McKinney Ave #100, Dallas, TX 75204
3. Indigo 1745
This locally owned gem of a boutique is a haven for Dallas Fashion. Here their sense of style will not disappoint you. You need to visit their great store located at 370 W 7th St
Dallas,TX 75208
4. Q Clothier
I have had the pleasure of experiencing just how great this place is. The beautiful people who help assist you on your search for the pinnacle of style are friendly and most of all the know their stuff. Finding a belt here will be no problem. They are located at 3699 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204
5. Banana Republic
This company had to make the list. They seem to know how to keep gentleman stylish 24/7 nationwide. The prices are amazing and the quality is superb. Their belt selection is for all men who want to upgrade their accessory game. The best part is you can catch this store doing 40% off one item sale frequently. www.bananarepublic.com
Well those are my picks. Please let us know all of the great finds you come across.
Written by:
Korey Larkins


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