Generally, when someone mentions fashion the common perception jumps straight to fabrics, colors, and styles of clothing articles and ensembles. These thoughts are followed by popular and well known high end fashion designers such as Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuiton, and the likes. However, what we seldom acknowledge is that fashion includes a hugely impactful and staunchly resonant physical factor. Whether you want to call it shape, silhouette, physique, form, or even look, belongs to the eye of the beholder. Aside from what it is referred to, in the world of fashion our physical bodies have long been the initial phase or layer of creative expression.

The recent arise of the trending phenomenon that is the waist trainer has sparked a not so dissonant memory. As more and more believers are converted to the religion of waist training, one has to at least feel the vaguely familiar practice trickle through the veins. In fact, a brief Google search unveils the art of shaping and contouring our physique for the benefit of aesthetical pleasure is all but new. Both online and walk-in boutiques are now flooded with different styles of waist training garments. It was interesting to compare the vast variance of waist trainer styles to the illustration contrasting the old Victorian corseted silhouette to the new Edwardian S-bend corseted silhouette. See the below picture gallery for the fascinating illustrated visual.

The practice of waist training has even spilled into the world of fitness. As seen in her Instagram post (Instagram.com/khloekardashian) Kloe Kardashian wears a waist trainer during her exercise routine. While the health benefits in correlation to the addition of waist training during exercise is still questionable in my mind (Most likely the topic of a near-future post), silhouette sculpting is definitely attainable through this particular practice. Instagram hosts a plethora of success stories seen through photos.

The current physical silhouette trend is curvy with a slim waist. Medically, many have resorted to plastic surgery and other emerging procedures to sculpt and attain the desired silhouette. I wonder what the waist trainer to 16th century corset equivalent will be for the 16th century farthingale (The undergarment structure used to give dresses and gowns their bell shape).  The farthingale was another piece that greatly defined the European fashions that we all know and love. Perhaps another conversation for another date.

At the end of the day, waist training seems like it will be here to stay. Honestly, it is a practice that we are getting back into after a couple centuries long break. At the same time, it is just another aspect of fashion and style. We know that there are a wide variety of fashionable styles, and everyone has their go-to styles and looks. Is it your style to be in top shape?



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