I don’t know about you, but when the new year rolls around, all I want to do is start planning my trips for the year {even if they are just in my head}.

Whether you wish to travel near or {very} far, you will be sure to find a destination on this list that suits you fancy.

This post serves as my inspiration board for travel destinations in 2019. What are yours?


The Danish Countryside

Beauty personified, the Danish countryside feels like an escape from your everyday. Filled with endless fields and water alike, this area of Denmark sets the perfect scene for the bed & breakfasts, small-town eateries and family-run farms it hosts. Be sure to visit Knuthenlund Organic Farm for pre-set picnics and some of the best cheese around. This place is truly picturesque. 



Tallinn, Estonia

Welcome to a medieval town where everyone appears happy to be alive {maybe because this is the first time in forever the country has had independence!}. Go for the history and beauty. This destination might not be on your radar, but is supposed to be an absolutely magical travel experience. 



Victoria, British Columbia

Quaint yet happening, Victoria feels like a destination you not only want to visit, but a place you want to live. From street art to pubs, you will be sure to fall in love with this coastal city. With its beaches, architecture and city life, it’s no surprise Victoria has been a travel destination for decades, and no doubt it will continue to be for years to come. 



Budapest, Hungary

The streets of Budapest are alive and the culture is pervasive. From its famous thermal baths to its beautiful architecture, its no surprise that Budapest is one of the hottest travel destinations. Don’t miss out on the Danube river cruises and the ruin bars, putting this city on the top of my travel list.  




Bali, Indonesia

You get a little bit of everything in Bali. The different cities offer different vibes and you can find whatever type of trip you are seeking there. You of course have the natural beauty, but can also find endless beach parties and nightlife galore {if that’s more your vibe}. There are inexpensive villas, meals and massages. The plethora of activities include hiking volcanos, visiting rice fields, cliff jumping, scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing,


Seattle, Washington

It seems like everyone I know from Seattle is cool. Whether you go for the booming music scene, the hip restaurants and bars, or the beauty of the city and surrounding areas, you can’t go wrong. You have water, mountains, greenery and an upbeat and ever-evolving city culture.  



Buenos Aires, Argentina

Everyone who visits seems to absolutely fall in love with this place. The energy of the city is electric and is filled an incredibly strong art culture. Also, word on the street is that the night life is incredible. And bonus – it’s easy to travel to places like Patagonia or up north to the wine country.  




Mexico City, Mexico

Go for the place, stay for the food. The markets and restaurants are unbelievable and there is beautiful architecture and textiles everywhere you go. Pro-tip: get the cactus tacos. Also, if you’re feeling it, test out the chapulines, also known as grasshoppers, famous in the region. They’re supposed to be delicious. 


Seoul, South Korea

Both trendy and historic, Seoul seems to have it all. Visit the remarkable palaces or walk along the orderly streets eating chap chae and fried chicken. Drink rice wine and admire this metropolitan city. No surprise everyone seems to be flocking there this year. 





Sapa, Vietnam

I’ve been hearing whispers of Sapa everywhere I go. It is supposed to be absolutely breathtaking. Famous for its rice terraces, Sapa is just as beautiful as it is cultural. From the marketplaces, to the food, to the gardens, this is a destination you will not want to miss. This place epitomizes beauty. 


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