JA Fashions Winter 2015

JA Fashions Winter 2015 – Indulge a piece of the holidays into your wardrobe!

Jae Angelo Fashions is proud to unleash our very own undisclosed “Winter Lookbook” for the year of 2015. In here, FASHION & BEAUTY moguls can be easily inspired by the colors, trends, and the season itself, and create something new and jolly! For fashion moguls, winter is the best time of the year to show off the latest trends, mainly with fur and leather (because, who doesn’t love FUR & LEATHER). Beauty moguls inspire by using colors that can compliment a woman’s skin, as well as making sure that it captures the season without it being “Ice Queenish”. We’ll be including more inspirational pieces as we continue

For me, I’m inspired by the grace and elegance of winter evening wear, as well as the sophistication and sex appeal of winter casual wear. Winter is, to me, the best season for fashion! Are YOU inspired by the winter? If so, who (or what) inspires you? Email your inspirations (art, fashion, beauty, etc.) to me at desotofabassadors@gmail.com.



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