The Pin Show makes a much anticipated return!

The Pin Show makes a much anticipated return!

The Pin Show is an annual event that provides a platform for both emerging and established designers, mostly from the South West Region,  and musical talent that aims to create an experience, unlike anything before it.
The creative team brings together a show that provides the audience with the latest designs from designers you know and those you will discover, in every aspect of fashion.  Whether you come for the streetwear, evening looks, bridal or the swimwear, you will be immersed in over 160 walks from more than 22 designers to the fast paced musical performances of Zhora and Friends.  In years passed The Pin Show has featured designers like Nha Khahn, Lucy Dang, Nine Muses, Isabella Varella, Jesse Thaxton, Levinity, Erica Dawn Woodward and the musical talent of Zhora, Sarah Jaffe, Sam Lao, Danny Church, Demarkus Lewis, Dezi 5, Bethan, and more.

In 2017, we have elevated the platform to answer the call of an increasing Established Designer base in our area to include more creative input from the established designers, a larger light, sound, and structure installation by BBD Revolving, a more influential musical set with Zhora and Friends, and an inclusive ground floor marketplace, where attendees can shop the looks from the runway.  As a sold out show at the Bomb Factory in 2016, you can bet that The Pin Show Team aims to increase the attention for Texas in areas of Fashion, Music, and Installation.

-The Pin Show




Photos By: Thomas Garza 

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