Okay so we are in the selfie generation. Where the prettiest pictures of ourselves are being taken by, well ourselves! So how can you master taking the perfect #selfie?

selfie 6

Background Your background can make or break your selfie. If you want sensual, try taking a picture in your bed with all your pillows around. If you want fun, try taking a picture in a group full of people, where you are likely to get photobombed. How charming is that?

selfie 3  selfie 4

Lighting! Seriously, no matter how fantastic your face is, if your lighting isn’t right, there isn’t a filter in the world that can fix it. Make sure you have tons of natural light. If you can’t get some sun action, try dressing rooms. Seriously, they have the best lights for your selfie. Plus they also have mirrors so you can double check before you snap.


Be YOU! Okay, no matter if you have a crappy background or poor lighting, if the picture screams you, then you’re already winning. Make it natural and have fun! That’s what a picture is for, to represent you at that moment. So show who you are.

So Snap away. Send us your best #fabselfies and you could end up on our #fabdallas Wall!

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