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May 14 2019

How to Look Wedding Ready Without Cutting Carbs (Seriously!)

Who’s sick of crazy no-carb diets and strict rules for every meal? We know WE sure are!! That being said, we couldn’t be more grateful to celebrity nutritionist, Cara Clark, for creating a non-diet approach to nutrition. She truly believes that food can heal you from the inside out and that every person’s approach to nutrition […]

Oct 26 2018

Does Celery Juice Live Up to the Superfood Hype?

Image: Johner Images/Getty Images Hot water and lemon? That’s so last year. Drinking celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning has become the thing to do, fueled by Instagram accounts like the Medical Medium Instagram account, which has nearly a million followers. Instagram’s healtherati — think Healthy With Nedi and Melissa […]