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Aug 17 2019

Here’s What You Should Do if it Downpours on Your Wedding Day (with no back up plan!)

Of all the wedding planning related worries, weather woes are probably at the tippy top of most couple’s worry list. But friends, I highly suggest you do what this duo did: don’t panic. It will all work out and this day planned by Classic Events and captured by Tenth & Grace is all the proof you need. Their entire […]

Aug 16 2019

Do You Want a Wedding Draped in Hundreds of Roses and Peonies? Check This Out.

THIS, friends. Can you even? File under: dream backdrop. I’m pretty sure this one will be plastered all over Pinterest in the coming months. Leave it to Holly Chapple and Chapel Designers, with Isha Foss and Shira Savada joining in all the fun, too. So, if you envision hundreds (or even thousands) of roses and peonies covering your celebration—head […]

Aug 15 2019

Edible Tablescapes Are Officially Cool for the Summer

This fresh new trend of incorporating fruit to your decor is taking the wedding world by storm – and we couldn’t be more obsessed. Type A Society and Paula LeDuc Fine Catering & Events joined forces to put a modern twist on traditional elegance (with a side of citrus!) Rich shades of blue, peach, blush, […]

Aug 14 2019

Luxe Gold Wedding Inspiration for the Parisian-Obsessed

Glitz, glam and Parisian-inspired… that’s the vibe that Rikki Marcone Event Design and Paula Visco crafted in today’s slice of wedding inspiration. Yet, there’s a subtle earthy, organic touch in the floral design and details like the stationery that soften out the edges and pull you in. It’s proof that blending styles is always a good idea. Are you […]

Aug 13 2019

Would You Elope in Provence? If You Did It Could Look Like This…

I can’t count how many times I’ve ooh-ed and ahh-ed over a submission delivery from Koman Photography. Marlene and John are two of my favorite people in the industry (I know I shouldn’t have faves! But they are incredible). When they deliver inspirational shoots like this one here? It’s hard not to praise them. Along with […]

Aug 12 2019

How to Turn a Destination Welcome Party into a One-Of-A-Kind Experience for Your Guests

What’s the best way to get your guests ready for the most amazing destination wedding weekend ever? A welcome party of course! There are so many directions you can take when it comes to welcome parties, whether it be a formal dinner or casual cocktails, the best and most important thing to do is embrace […]