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May 17 2019

10 Non-Traditional Registry Gifts for the Adventurous Couple + Must-Visit Travel Destinations to Match

So, it’s about that time in the planning process to build your wedding registry – finally, the fun part! If you’re the type of couple who can’t wait to start a lifetime of adventure, filling your days with nature, getting outdoors and exploring the world – then we have some exciting news for you! With […]

May 14 2019

How to Look Wedding Ready Without Cutting Carbs (Seriously!)

Who’s sick of crazy no-carb diets and strict rules for every meal? We know WE sure are!! That being said, we couldn’t be more grateful to celebrity nutritionist, Cara Clark, for creating a non-diet approach to nutrition. She truly believes that food can heal you from the inside out and that every person’s approach to nutrition […]

Apr 30 2019

Modern Wedding Designs Inspired by Female Artists of the 20th Century

When a team of some of the best of the best in the industry come together to create wedding magic – the results are truly spectacular! We’re talkin’ Rebecca Yale Photography, Kate Siegel Fine Events, Max Gill Design… the list goes on. Together they created wedding designs inspired by different female artists of the 20th century. […]

Apr 24 2019

Beyond the Ring: Jewelry We’re Loving For the Big Day

Ladies, listen up! It’s time to talk about your Big Day look. Beyond picking your dream dress and shoes, there’s one often overlooked detail we’re ready to pay some attention to — your jewelry! Deciding whether to flaunt a glitzy statement bracelet, a sparkly pair of stud earrings or a revamped family heirloom can make all […]

Mar 29 2019

How to Get the Unique, Hand-Crafted Engagement Ring You’ve Always Wanted

Finding thee perfect engagement ring is no easy feat. Sometimes you have an idea of a style you like but can’t seem to find a specific ring that speaks to you. Or, maybe you have something so lovely, unique in your head that you just can’t seem to find it in any jeweler. Well, worry […]

Mar 25 2019

The Most Helpful Features to Add to Your Wedding Website, According to Past Brides

Between dress hunting and picking your bridal party, you, Ms. Bride, are one busy lady! And that’s not even beginning to address your inbox flowing with questions from guests (“Where are you registered?”, “What should I be wearing?”). Before the floodgates open, our advice to you is to set up a wedding website, STAT, to address […]