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Sep 22 2015

Your Star Guide to the State Fair of Texas

Let those big bright Texas stars guide you through the Texas State Fair this year. Your Astrological Star Sign is your tour guide for what to eat, see and do!

Sep 02 2015

September Horoscopes by Teal Gray

Aries – March 21-April 19 Careers that suit them, spotlight their assertive, upbeat very physical energy. You make good business owners. You do well with structure and authority, like the

Aug 03 2015

Your August Horoscope by Teal Gray

Aquarius- January 20-February 18 This month finds you having a little trouble agreeing and getting along with your workmates. You will have to learn the lesson of balance and negotiation

Jul 04 2015

July Horoscopes By Teal Gray

Cancer June 22-July 22 Keeping your focus will pay off by the 16th when you finally see a clear path to your desires. It will be a little scary at