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Sep 26 2015

Sunday’s rare supermoon eclipse: What’s so special?

Sunday September 27th, several things will happen.  The moon will be full and at its closest point to Earth making it a supermoon. This at the same time as a

Sep 02 2015

September Horoscopes by Teal Gray

Aries – March 21-April 19 Careers that suit them, spotlight their assertive, upbeat very physical energy. You make good business owners. You do well with structure and authority, like the

Jul 17 2015

Congrats Dez Bryant!

As you all know, the wait is over and Dez Bryant is now officially signed with the Dallas Cowboys! Bryant’s new contact will guarantee him 45 million dollars over the next

Jun 13 2015

The Little Black Swimsuit

If you are looking for amazing swimwear but need a break from bright colors, I dare you to try the little black swimsuit. Similar to the little black dress, it is sexy, sleek,

Jun 01 2015

Color of the Month: Marigold

  We all know the old saying “April’s showers bring May’s flowers”.  It seems as if Dallas changed that saying, this year, to “May’s showers bring June’s flowers” with all

May 28 2015
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FABTV Interviews RAW Dallas

FABTV correspondent and comedian, Jasmine Ellis, chats with the one and only Sarah Badran, the Director of RAW Dallas, at this year’s Models of Merritt Awards. If you have never