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Jan 22 2020

Wearing Dresses Over Pants Is Our New Sartorial Strategy for Surviving Winter

Layering is a must during these trying winter times. And while there are many ways to pile clothes on top of one another, we’re favoring simply slipping on dresses over

Jan 17 2020

The Best Hand Masks to Keep Your Hands Super Soft This Winter

There are literally masks for every part of our bodies. From faces to locks to lips and even boobs and butts, there are endless ways to treat our skin. And

Jan 14 2020

Here’s Why You Need to Add Amino Acids to Your Skin Care Regimen

Now that you’re hip to the benefits of ferulic acid, ceramides and electrolytes, we thought we’d clue you in on one of the It ingredients of 2020. You’ve probably heard

Jan 13 2020

8 Lip Masks for a Prettier Pucker

Lip masks are taking social media by storm. Blame Kylie Jenner for, well, her lips and celebs like Jessica Alba and Emma Stone for keeping the momentum going by posting

Jan 10 2020

The Best Clear Mascaras to Master That Au Naturel Look

When it comes to mascara, most of us opt for basic black. (Unless you’re one of the bold few to reach for those colored formulas made popular on recent runways.)

Jan 10 2020

19 Perfectly Plush Velvet Blazers That’ll Make You Glad It’s Winter

There are certain fabrics reserved for certain seasons. Linen is usually restricted to summer, while something heavier, like wool, pops up during the colder months. But there’s only one fabric