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May 22 2020

Your Wedding Day Shot-list Guide to Make Sure Your Photographer Doesn’t Miss A Single Moment

Hiring a photographer to document your wedding is one of the most daunting tasks, and once you’ve found the one–you’re not quite finished yet! An experienced wedding photographer will have

May 01 2020

Creative Table Number & Place Card Ideas For Every Wedding Style

When everything about weddings in 2020 is still so up in the air, it’s definitely difficult to envision a rockin’ reception with more than 100, 50, 20, even 10 people

Mar 13 2020

Your Ultimate Guide To Wedding Lighting

There are definitely some elements of a wedding that will ALWAYS draw the first. The fashion, the flowers, the fondant and frosting – yes, as in gorgeously-hand painted floral buttercream

Feb 14 2020

How to Make Your Big Guest List Still Feel Like an Intimate Wedding

Having 175+ or perhaps even 300+ guests? Worried it might not feel intimate but you don’t want to trim the list? I’ve got several solutions for you that will help

Feb 07 2020

Give Your Wedding a Gilded Glow-Up With These Must-Have Items From the SMP Shop (Plus a Major Giveaway!)

So, there’s a saying, popularized out of a line by William Shakespeare … you might be familiar with it, maybe you aren’t, but it goes something like this, “all that

Jun 24 2019

The 10 Money-Saving Hacks All Brides Should Know

Let’s talk about wedding budgeting. Okay, okay, we know money talk isn’t always fun – but hear us out. Today we’re telling you about a few ways to save for