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Oct 29 2018

Five Dresses that Guarantee an Unforgettable Walk Down the Aisle

An average wedding ceremony lasts somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes. That’s 20-30 minutes in which your closest friends and family will gather to watch you in one of the

Oct 28 2018

Washington Wedding Brimming With Natural Beauty and Playful Details

Through the years, we’ve discovered some really incredible wedding venues, right?  So you know that when I say that this one might just be a secret gem that we’ve all

Oct 27 2018

I Just Joined a Gym and Realized I Need Only These 7 Things

So, I just joined a gym—four weeks ago, to be exact—and for the first time in my life, I decided to be responsible and hold off on buying anything new until

Oct 27 2018

Incorporating Different Cultures in a Meaningful Way on Your Wedding Day

When wedding planning commences, couples are often faced with the task of blending different backgrounds and traditions into one gorgeous wedding day. No pressure! If you are looking for a way

Oct 27 2018

This $160 Dress Is the Best Purchase I’ve Ever Made

Maybe it’s just me, but seeing an item on everyone in my Instagram feed typically deters me from buying it a little—no matter how covetable the item in question may

Oct 26 2018

The Fashion Formula That Never Fails Victoria Beckham

The Power of Pleats You can honestly pair a pleated skirt with anything and come out on the right side of fashion. Here, Victoria Beckham opted for a baggy sweater