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Sep 10 2018

7 Celebs That Are Close AF To Being EGOTs

They’re so close they could taste it.

Sep 10 2018

Medical Examiner Releases Statement On Mac Miller’s Death

The rapper passed away of a suspected drug overdose.

Sep 10 2018

RIP!: Lil Mama’s Fashion Stylist Michael Mann Passes Away

He created “magic” with his clients.

Sep 10 2018

Christian Cowan Gets Props From Cardi B For New Watch Shoes

The 23-year-old designer has a collab with Giuseppe Zanotti.

Jul 29 2018

Sorry, Leggings—This Trend Is Crushing You Right Now

There was a time when we never thought we’d say this, but the legging trend is majorly losing steam. It’s not that they’re going anywhere—we definitely all need them in

Jul 28 2018

4 of the Prettiest Fall Shoe Trends, Period

Tell me you don’t have a thing for gorgeous shoes. Sure, we all own a few “boring” pairs like plain sneakers and loafers. Those pairs are actually pretty necessary given that they