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Aug 17 2019

5 Fashion “Mistakes” I’ve Made That Are Low-Key Painful to Me

If I did a quick scan of the outfits I wore over the last few years, there would undoubtedly be a few I regret. Guilty. The root of those “mishaps” almost always boils down to a styling issue I overlooked at the time. But that’s the thing about my fashion mistakes—if they never happened, I […]

Aug 16 2019

De’Von Bailey Was Fatally Shot In The Back By Colorado Cops

His family is calling for an independent investigation.

Aug 16 2019

Do You Want a Wedding Draped in Hundreds of Roses and Peonies? Check This Out.

THIS, friends. Can you even? File under: dream backdrop. I’m pretty sure this one will be plastered all over Pinterest in the coming months. Leave it to Holly Chapple and Chapel Designers, with Isha Foss and Shira Savada joining in all the fun, too. So, if you envision hundreds (or even thousands) of roses and peonies covering your celebration—head […]

Aug 16 2019

25 Really Good Pleated Midi Skirts to Buy Now and Wear Through Fall

Fendi Fall 2019; Image: Imaxtree If you can only afford one new item of clothing this fall, make it a pleated midi skirt. A quick flip through the Fall 2019 collections and you’ll instantly see why. Shin-grazing skirts featuring pleats of all kinds — accordion, box, inverted, kick, knife, etc. — popped up on countless […]

Aug 16 2019

Taylor Swift Lands Vogue’s All-Important September Cover

The highly-anticipated September issue of American Vogue has been a topic of conversation on our forums for months with members guessing who would land the coveted cover. Everyone from Gigi Hadid to Jennifer Lopez was thrown into the mix, but much to our amazement, Taylor Swift got the gig. After a three-year hiatus, Taylor is […]

Aug 16 2019

My New Shoes That Go With Everything

Did you notice my new pair of shoes that I recently got and cannot stop {will not stop} wearing? They are the only heels that I packed for my trip to NY and I didn’t regret it once! These heeled sandals by Tamara Mellon literally go with everything! I’ve been eyeing them for quite some […]