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Dec 06 2018

An Elegant Marquee Wedding by the River at Matilda Bay Reserve

What makes this gorgeous wedding day Down Under so incredibly special? (besides the most precious bride and groom)… it’s the sparkling, crystal and foliage filled reception. Think hanging arrangements, dusty

Dec 05 2018

A Romantic Lavender and Blush Backyard Wedding at a Private Home in Montecito

We’ll always be lovers of a good backyard wedding… there’s just something so intimate and romantic about exchanging vows in such a personal place. Today’s wedding from Lacie Hansen Photography with

Dec 04 2018

Rehearsal Dinner with Texas Hospitality at Guero’s in Austin

What do you get when you combine a love for Tex-Mex, good music and all of your favorite people in the world (and a few margaritas)? The best. rehearsal. dinner.

Dec 03 2018

Timeless English Destination Wedding at Brympton House

There are some weddings that are so beautiful, they leave me at a loss for words. Or maybe, I have too many words that come to mind, I simply don’t

Dec 02 2018

Elegant Pink Tuscan Wedding at La Foce in Italy

I’m having a major wedding crush moment over here. This one, you guys—it’s like something out of a fairytale. The sun hits every corner of every image captured by Greg

Dec 01 2018

The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Favors

Raise your hand if you’re slightly stressed over and stuck on wedding favors? I was. So much so, that I ended up kind-of not doing them! Instead, I wrapped lightweight