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May 11 2020

Found: The Absolute Best Sunscreens for Your Skin Type

You know the deal: We’re supposed to wear sunscreen every single day (and reapply it multiple times). So if you’re using a greasy, breakout-inducing sunscreen that leaves an obvious white tint on your

Apr 28 2020

8 Hassle-Free Self-Tanners for an Instant Goddess Glow

There’s nothing like the anxiety you get every time you try out a new self-tanner. Will it come out streaky? Orange? Will it smell funny? Is it going to get

Mar 11 2020

10 New Spring Perfumes That Are Perfect for Warm Weather

The smell of spring is literally in the air — a fresh crop of gorgeous scents are ready for the picking. Even if you already have a signature fragrance, our

Jan 31 2020

Forget Cards and Candy: These Are the Valentine’s Day Gifts Your SO Actually Wants

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to get your partner anything. Trust us. And hitting up your local drugstore or grocery chain

Jan 13 2020

8 Lip Masks for a Prettier Pucker

Lip masks are taking social media by storm. Blame Kylie Jenner for, well, her lips and celebs like Jessica Alba and Emma Stone for keeping the momentum going by posting

May 13 2019

9 Effective Styling Hacks to Add Bounce to Fine Hair

Limit Washes Skip washing your hair if you use volumizing supplements. Volumizing products are not the most hydrating formulas and often strip your scalp of natural oils. As a result,