Spring ’17: JEWEL-bilee!

Spring ’17: JEWEL-bilee!
By: Jawan Douglas

As the season of Spring makes its way into 2017, a new style has shone its light across the worldwide streets of fashion. Different cuts, karats, colors and styles, Spring 2017 welcomes all fashionistas to the JEWEL-bilee! This amazing new style era is a trend in which jewels will tell all about the wearer. No matter the occasion, the jewels will always give what every outfit needs for that grand appearance. For some, jewels represent the many characteristics of the wearer (i.e. birth month, zodiac, etc.). Jewels are known as the “piece de la resistance”.

Fashion wise, who doesn’t love adding a little bling to the outfit? It brings more expression to your outfit, and a more powerful essence for people will start to wonder about who you are. Like every outfit put together, the characteristics of a jewel can create a story for which is based on your attitude, hobbies, and even some of the greatest moments in your life. For men, jewels will represent their graduation or to portray an image of class and sophistication. Men wear jewelry in order to impress either the public or women. What jewelry you wear and how you wear will be the “Tell All” for those around you. Women are a different story. For them, jewels are always a way to tell one another who’s more expensive because fashion is a means of competition for mainly women.

The best thing about wearing jewels is that they remind you about not only your greatest moment, but also how you felt about that moment. Jewels can make bring you moments of triumph, happiness, sadness (if they were inherited from a departed family or friend), etc. The significance of them quickly reminds you of not only how you obtained them, but also how you felt and what type of occasion it was.

Here are some questions to think about when you are looking for the jewel of your dreams:
What is you favorite color?
What is your birth month?
Will it complement your style?
How much can you afford?
How occasional will you be wearing your jewel?
What type of jewel are you interested in (rare, common, uncommon, etc.)?

With this, it’ll be no time before your eyes sparkle from seeing that piece that speaks to you and your style! If you have any jewels that you feel are very special to you, email your entries to thejaeangelotlc@gmail.com , along with your name and the reason the jewel is special to you. I will post about these on my next article. Well, until then my readers. See you soon!

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