Short Hair is Totally There!

Long hair has seemed to rule the world. But not anymore! Short hairstyles are here and are as cute and versatile as ever. It is still heading up and I bet your looking for any way to cool down, well here are some FAB ideas to not just keep you cool, but keep you looking cool too for all the FAB ladies with short do’s or if your looking to get one soon this is for you.


PINS! I’m mildly obsessed with the “pin” trend. Bobby pins, clips, bows etc being utilized as a cute way to help style your hair. Especially if you have short hair, pins are a great way to help create different and unique looks.

Take a peek at this useful video I found that will walk you though four different cute and easy looks using some of the tools we talked about. Enjoy!

Have your own awesome hairstyle?

We wanna know about it! Use the hashtag #fabhair.

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