September Horoscopes by Teal Gray

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Aries – March 21-April 19
Careers that suit them, spotlight their assertive, upbeat very physical energy. You make good business owners. You do well with structure and authority, like the armed forces, banking, doctors, lawyers, coaches and sales jobs.
You love adventure and don’t worry about health issues, and pretty much believe you’re fine.
Your sign rules the head and they may have migraine headaches. Because the planet Mars rules Aries, you can have ear, kidney, vein and genital issues and is sexually assertive like the ram.
The biggest changes this month are at work. You have two fundamental points for September: your job, but also your health. The Zodiac shakes your vocation and you can resume old jobs or review some projects you considered to be dead deals. Good opportunities in terms of employment will come, as well as the chance to accept a job that does not actually suit you. There are important issues to be reviewed. Keep patience and understand the signs of the Universe.

Taurus- April 20-May 20
You love anything creative that has an earthy touch such as scientist, singer, retailing, truck driver, horticulturist, financial, real estate, engineering and anything having to do with creating firm foundations on which to grow and on which they can make the money they desire.
Practicality and logic dictate over illnesses and you overthink seeking medical help.
Your planet Venus, rules the neck, ears, lower jaw and throat. You might battle eating disorders, have thyroid issues and bloating.  Venus rules Taurus with love, harmony and a bit of stubbornness like the bull.
This month starts out with disagreements that affect the relationship with your children. Create ways to deepen your bonds with your children and loved ones.  Your spirituality comes to the forefront. Questions about faith and belief will be on your mind and you can even change your views dramatically.
You have good luck now, but beware: accidents with cars and electronic equipment can also happen this month. You will be lucky in love but with less money. Organize your finances and don´t assume large debts. This stage is very good for romantic love, so have fun and enjoy warm moments unrelated to material things.

Gemini – May 21-June 21
Try jobs focused on communications, or as a bartender, teacher, author, and any job that gives you the ability to express yourself.
Because they’re the communicators of the Zodiac these very intelligent people will rationalize illness before ever getting it checked out. Your sign Mercury rules the arms, lungs, shoulders and fingers. You battle nervousness and stress along with depression.
A busy month for you! This may be the time to choose a new residence, especially as your family grows or others join your home.  Electronics can freak out and it’s good to drive with caution. Your friendships and groups in which you’re involved go through changes this month, new people arrive and others go. Good changes in finances will occur, but you only realize this after mid- month.  With so much excitement, your health is very sensitive. Make sure you eat well and get lots of rest this month.
Keep a calm mind even if you feel in the middle of a whirl. It is a special month and it deserves your close attention

Cancer – June 22-July 22
Job that interest you focus on caring for others, nursing, grocer, advertising, insurance, minister, chef and any career that gives them the ability to see what they’ve accomplished in life.
At times your sign may become a little too concerned over a perceived illness because home and family are your main priority and you need to be well to handle anything that might come along.
The Moon rules the stomach and the breasts and can cause digestive problems along with breast issues; Cancers tend to be stressed. You are intuitive and shy like the crab.
The Solar Eclipse shakes the way you communicate. Do backups of your contacts and get ready to review everything that involves studies and communication. Financial matters will be tested and you will be required to change what had been stalling. Organize your spending.  Your career moves ahead in a positive way, and there may be changes in the way you work. The workplace can be modified and those in charge can be changed. You are undergoing a mental transformation and your body can reflect this internal shift. Take some time for yourself and for your health, which is more delicate at the end of the month. Include time to rest and accept the changes that are happening in your life.

Leo – July 23-August 22
Careers suit you that allow the ability to show off your talents, perhaps professional sports or acting, dancer, makeup artist, filmmaker, and any job that showcases creative talents and get the accolades,
You expect to stay healthy forever, and can never understand what went wrong if you do get sick.
The Sun rules Leo, the heart, spine and back. and when it’s great, it’s great but when it’s bad, it’s really bad. Their energy is either up or down and rarely in between. This sign is very powerful like the lion.
September moves your financial life in a positive direction. It is a very positive time in every area of your life.  You will deal better with money moving forward because you have made real changes in how you think about it. If you stagnate, the Universe itself will change the scenario, compelling you to create a better self-image. Your spiritual life has been neglected. Your faith can undergo a change or has a re-evaluation of divine concepts. Studies are also modified. Lawsuits that were stagnant will quickly change with good results for you.

Virgo – August 23-September 22
Careers appeal to you that allow the ability to use your critical judgment or to assert their practical side, judge, accountant, literary agent, analyst, historian or doctor make your sign shine.
Let’s just say that they want to stay well so much that they may very well go to the doctor at any perceived symptom of illness even if there is none.
Mercury rules Virgo and is very communicative, rules the intestines, solar plexus and the nervous system. Mercury may cause restlessness and lack of sleep.
The Solar Eclipse changes your life positively. You can move forward with your plans and all barriers are removed by the Universe. All you lived and saw up to now modifies your way of thinking and acting and now there’s more security in your attitudes. This also reflects in your appearance with big changes on the way for how you behave and dress.  After the 15th, you will feel extra pressure. Learn to use your energy in what is vital and don’t fight the cycle of life. Study subjects like death and rebirth and expand your mind to feel empowered.

Libra – September 23-October 23
You excel at jobs that use diplomatic flair and an eye for beauty.  Decorators, florists, fashion industry jobs, engineering, air or cruise lines and any job that lets their appreciation of luxury shine through.
When it comes to illness you are the biggest procrastinators.
Venus rules Libra and practices love, harmony and justice as do the scales. It also rules the kidneys lower back and groin so lower back problems, kidney infections and pulled muscles could be problematic to be self-indulgent Libra.
The Universe smiles at you in September. This is a time of new beginnings. Your health improves a lot and you can leverage to make changes in a group of friends who are not aligned with this personal moment. It is a spiritual reviewing phase. The Lunar Eclipse affects your romantic relationships. Marriage and partnerships can even be broken with the pressures at the end of the month. Of course it only hits those who are no longer stable anyway.  Saturn releases your financial life, so it is not the time to worry about money.

Scorpio – October 24-November 21
You work best in high energy jobs.  Try being a detective or parole officer, automotive industry and any job that doesn’t get in the way of their determination to make it the best.
What doctor?  You look up your symptoms on the Internet and are probably able to fix them yourself.
Pluto rules Scorpio, the sexual organs which most think makes them the sexiest sign of the Zodiac!
The bladder, prostate and rectum are also ruled by Scorpio and can cause a considerable amount of stress along with constipation and bladder issues. Your sign loves being in a relationship, but is tough to be with, like living with scorpions.
Start September out by doing a backup of your files. You may also be facing some computer related issues like mixed up travel plans or delayed flights. Old friends can come into your life and new ones may leave. Career is the main focus this month, and the structure that you are used to at work will be affected by team changes in your company. The body may give signs of fatigue. Watch your eating routine and relax whenever possible.

Sagittarius – November 22-December 21
Anything that allows this broadminded intellect to have its way will make for a happy life, farmer, college professor, lecturer or public official.
You go to the doctor when time permits, or when the symptoms become too hard to ignore.
Jupiter rules Sagittarius and rules the hips, thighs and blood vessels, and can cause hormone production issues.
Last month was hectic and in September you’ll face more changes. This month shakes your life up completely. This is the way that the Universe will make room for new and better things in every area of your life. Your career will see big changes in the structure of the company you work for, or changes of management. Your partner or children need you more than normal this month. And it’s a time when your energy is required to be focused on them. Ultimately, you all grow stronger from it.

Capricorn – December 22-January 19
Work in fields that allow your ambition to excel. You make great executives, business owners, architects, researchers, really any job that doesn’t interfere with your practical, cautious outlook.
You tend to worry about what may be an illness with a take-charge attitude.
Saturn rules Capricorn and rules the knees, bones and teeth, and can have an adverse effect if not watched.
You can either be a very strong shoulder on which to lean or just at times overbearing.
Since last year you faced losses related to your faith and relationships. This month gives you strength and affects your home and love life in a positive way. Take the opportunity to organize your family, pay attention to those in need among   your relatives and friends. Your health is good so cheer up, since the end of September marks a new phase with the expansion of your social life.  Learn to ask for help if you feel that everything is a bit too much. Don’t worry, it’s only a phase.

Aquarius – January 20-Febuary 18
Your inventive personality needs free range y express itself.  You are suited to being a scientist, doctor, engineer, or work in airline field or astronomy, anything having to do with space, meteorology and any job that is creative and allows this free thinker the ability to be a little stubborn.
These fair people may listen intently to medical advice but may find that they really don’t want or need to take it.
Uranus rules Aquarius and your circulation.  Aquarius and can be very uptight, this may cause metabolic issues along with nerve problems.
There are power struggles at work and even in your sex life. You are starting a time that you will only accept the best for yourself. If the relation has become one sided, you end it. Your diet has not been the best for a while, but you make the necessary changes there as well, focusing on your health. Change what needs to be changed at work or in your career. This month is all about the winds of change. It may be a change in the company structure and you can switch both your position and location. Back up your files and stay alert in traffic. Cars and equipment can break if not looked after. Do some routine maintenance checks this month.

Pisces – February 19-March 20
Anything that allows your intuitive, emotional side access makes a good job fit for you. Try charity or social work, nursing, dress designer, record industry, illustrator, teacher, and any job that allows the kind, emotional side
These born worriers might develop imaginary ailments.
Neptune rules Pisces and the feet. Because you are so in tune with their spiritual selves you may have more problems with addiction than most.
Neptune rules Pisces with romantic notions that might be misunderstood easily.
September gives you a thrill, with an old love reigniting or a new relationship starting up. But only true love will survive, and you want to look your best and set out to shake up your look this month even changing your eating habits. This month is tough on you at times, but you come out stronger and smarter than ever before. It might be time to make a move to a new job or you may finally get that long overdue bonus!

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