Perfect Season for a Woman’s Reason

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Perfect Season for a Woman’s Reason

By: Jawan Douglas

When you think of Spring, you think of flowers, nature, and rebirth. You think of the sweet smell

of the tropical azaleas, the cool, pop and vibrant colors of carnations, and the beauty of the bluebonnets

that shine like sapphires as they move smoothly side to side in the light breeze. Sometimes, beauty is in

the eye of the beholder, and in this case, the beholder turns out to be group of powered individuals that

are capable of not only undergoing rebirth, but the primary source of birth as well. That’s right, ladies,

this fashion article is giving a HUGE shoutout to YOU!

The season of Spring is dedicated to women all around the world, from the sleek and slim to the

thick and curvaceous! Yes, ladies, this is literally the SEASON OF THE WOMEN, where you can reflect

and recollect while adjusting and giving birth to a whole new you. I this amaze article, I will guide you to

some of the most natural ways to remain stylish and yourself while rising as a newer woman.

Every new look always start with looking n the mirror, and asking yourself, “Who am I as a

woman?”. This question has caused women to try to fit in, or be someone that they believe will be the

most popular (i.e. school, work, on-the- go with friends and family, etc.). Your answer relies on the

following things:

1) Wardrobe. The clothes you wear represent the type of woman you are (or want to be, for most

cases). When choosing the right outfit and style for yourself, you need to take some time to think

about what your style represents. For example, some women who are natural about their body

would like a style that would suit the beauty of themselves and f their surroundings. Some of the

things that help with this decision would be your skin tone, body build, and most of all, the style

of your hair.

2) Accessories. What makes the perfect companion for every outfits? ACCESSORIES! Rings,

earrings, bracelets and more, each type of accessory adds more galore! For Spring, it’s time to

mix it up with something that shimmers, matches with floral colors and/or brings about a new

range of unconventionality.

3) Shoes. The heat is approaching, and no woman wants to sweat while wearing Jimmy Choos. It’s

time to give your silky smooth feet some air by wearing heels, flats or shoes with shoes and

buckles that go around your ankle. Whether its Rodarte, Saint Laurent, or even Dolce &

Gbbana’s Good (Flat) Form, an open shoe is an open you. Ladies, stop by the best of the best

designer stores on your way home, and gear up for a season with vibrant colors and light breezes.

Put a SPRNG in your step, and remember to STAY OPEN.

That’s all I have for today, and I know it may be short, but these three points of fashion will guide yu

to be ready and prepped for not only SPRING, but the SUMMER as well! But, the most important

message from this article is that you should take some time to reflect over yourself and find out who you

are. Create a whole new and revitalize on what brings about the REAL YOU. Stay beautiful, stay fresh,

and stay naturally you.

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