Nope, This Designer Shoe Trend Isn’t Dying Yet

There’s been much debate over the last few months about the potential demise of “ugly” shoes. Some fashion experts believe they’re dying out, while others think they still have quite a bit of steam in them. So what’s the verdict? Well, according to experts we chatted with recently, it looks like the trend is sticking around a bit longer in 2019—especially “dad” sneakers.

We tapped the masterminds behind luxury resale mecca Tradesy to fill us in on the shoe style that reigned supreme in 2018 and will continue to do so next year—even at the resale level. “For 2019, the ‘ugly sneaker’ trend like the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers, will continue to grow in popularity as more luxury brands roll out this style and the trend extends from the coasts to the rest of the country,” the brand said. “ In fact, searches for the sneakers increased over 200% in the second half of 2018 compared to the first half of 2018.” This really does make perfect sense. You can’t really head into any retailer without spotting some iteration of the chunky style. And if you mix that with the fashion elite’s fascination with the silhouette, you have yourself an It shoe.

To showcase the trend further, we rounded up some of our favorite ways fashion girls are wearing “ugly sneakers,” and shopped thick-soled styles to try now if you’re finally ready to give the look a whirl.

Next, check out the designer “ugly sneakers” people pay a premium to own.

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