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My name is Robyn and I am the latest addition to the FAB Dallas intern team! I am currently a rising senior excited to take a step closer to my career goal in the fashion world. I am so excited to join the FAB Dallas team as I love fashion and can’t wait to bring my skills to this interactive and cool magazine.

I have always had a passion for fashion. (It might have stemmed from the Bratz dolls I would play with when I was little.) However, if there’s one thing that my paycheck goes to each month, it would have to be clothes. Over the years, I have learned that fashion is a major component of my personality. Although some may view fashion simply as shopping and wasting money, fashion became a major component of my life. Something that helped me find a way to express myself to others and those around me.

Fashion was a way for me to bond with other people like my mom and family members. I was even able to tie it together with my other passion, writing. It is something that would help me bond with so many of my family members growing up. Whether it was my mom who introduced me to styling with bright colors, my grandmother who was all about finding the right accessories to complete an outfit or my great-grandmother who had a closet that looked as glamorous as a 1950s movie. Learning from those around me helped me hand pick my own personal style over the years. It also caused me to become the “fashionista” in my friend group as I am open to taking fashion risks.

As for my style, I would definitely say that I am currently a huge fan of bell bottom pants, off the shoulder tops and platform jelly sandals. But of course, my style changes with the seasons and I cannot wait to bring out my corduroy pants for the fall season!

Fashion also opened up my creative outlet over the years. While I loved to purchase clothes on my own, when I entered high school, I wanted to create outfits that were one of a kind. Therefore, my mom decided to send me over to her friend’s house where I learned how to sew. It was perfect for me. I was able to create my own sketches at this point and bring some of the visions I had in my head to real life. Although it took a few weekends to finally get a hang of things, once I learned how to create simple pieces like skirts and tops, I found myself transitioning from shopping in the mall every other weekend with my mom to sewing and sketching outfits with her every weekend. It was so cool to finally have my own outfits that no one could find in their local Forever 21 or H&M.

However, once I entered college, my time for sewing decreased along with my fashion spending budget. Yet, I did not want to give up my passion. Therefore, after writing for my college’s newspaper, I was able to have my own fashion column. With the fashion column, I was able to write all about outfits I would hand pick myself. It was great because I always loved writing and now I was able to bring two of my interests to life. It also opened doors for me because now I have the opportunity to intern for FAB Dallas!

Here with FAB Dallas, I will focus more on the PR side of the website. I am so excited to use some of the new PR skills that I have learned over the past few months. Also, I’m excited to learn new techniques and how to make sure we get the best information to you fabulous readers. With the power of fashion and women, it is so important for me to make sure that every bit of information is accessible to you guys.

Outside of fashion, I also have a strong passion for sports. I am a huge New York Giants fan and always cheer on the Washington Wizards in football. If I am not in the house cooped up on the couch watching college football on Saturdays, I am enjoying the nature around me. I love going hiking, canoeing and fishing. Previously, I was an intern for an organization called American Rivers where I worked on the communications aspect to help bring awareness to our local rivers. I find it very important to make sure that the world we live in now can remain the same beautiful world for generations to come.

Now that you know a little bit about me, don’t feel shy to find me on other platforms. Want to connect with me? Feel free to follow me on both my Twitter and Instagram accounts with the handle @RobynCraig21. Also, if you want to chat, you can reach me through my email at robyn@fabdallasmag.com. I can’t wait to help out with the team!

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