H&M x Balmain Deploys at North Park

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The #BalmainArmy rapped the halls of North Park Shopping Center this morning anxiously awaiting the deployment of H&Ms collaboration with the Fashion Power House.

There has been plenty of anticipation building up to the Nov. 5th release, including campaigns with celebs like Kendall Jenner as well as features on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards.

As expected the collaboration sold out completely! This success was much owed to the diversity and cross function designs featured in the collection. We all appreciate the Yeezie’s of fashion. I’m talking about the minimal designs with a universal form. Pieces that we love to wear year in and year out, interchanging them thousands of times without anyone ever being the wiser. Although they were present, the maximalist concepts are what took center stage and the hearts of those ready to make a statement this fall for any holiday parties on the calendar this year. Intricate hand beading and a color pallet fit for royalty were the features that made this collaboration well worth the steep H&M price ceiling with pieces reaching upward of $500. If you missed your chance to get your hands on these remarkable looks be sure to scour, and I do mean scour the web, with this being released and sold out in over 20 stores worldwide there are bound to be plenty of re-sellers trying to make a quick buck or two.



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