Get the love you always wanted this Valentine’s Day!

Get Ready to Fall in Love! Heat up this spring season by finding the love you want. It’s almost Valentine’s Day and for those of you who are without a honey bun we have some tips! Now is the time to get ready for the love you want. Our FAB lovers got together to give you some tips to find the love of your life.


1. Love yourself! Embrace every aspect of you; the good and bad! If there is some bad, its okay! Work on it! Plan on improving those bad things. You’re still good! Love the good in you. #FAB

2. Have Fun! Enjoy life! With or without a partner, do what you can to enjoy your life.

3. Get out of the house! Enough said.

4. Dress how you like! Find outfits that you truly love, that truly make you feel comfortable. Wear what you want to wear. Watch how this attracts the right partner!

5. Let go of the past! If it didn’t work out, let it go. If it’s meant to be, it will come back.

6. Think of the type of companion you want. Get excited and think about all the things you like in a companion. (Not what you don’t like but what you DO like)

7. Don’t judge so much! People will make mistakes and people will have a “past.” People are just people. Let go of the need to judge everyone as if they are your future husband/wife. Enjoy the good company and don’t be so judgmental.


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