Charles “Smith II” Shares the power of passion with supporters

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The environment Smith II created for his S2 presentation provoked a state of mind that allowed me to put myself in the collection visually & physically. Like the way his models emerged from the shadows into a overhead spotlight beaming onto the models like the midday summer sun. Somehow, through communicating his vision the blazing hot conditions became necessary in to help us understand the harsh contrast within the cause driving the success of this collection. Ironically it took me to a time and place where hard work was done under the most strenuous conditions in hopes that we perform above and beyond what is expected of us in more comfortable situations. To me this was a defining moment in Smith II career as a designer and ambassador of Dallas Art culture.

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The unfortunate reality is that our school systems can sometimes have a blind eye to the opportunities available for our youth in creative fields. Our communities heavily support athletics but never have I seen a stadium packed out to support Art fairs or competitions . We have an opportunity to help kids discover their passion at an early age, before mistakes or made or other peoples idea of what their lives should be like are imposed on them, never reaching their true potential.






This was a collection that proves all hard work soon comes to light. A designer who although can be found locally, is about to receive some well deserved global attention.
The entire proceeds from every Smith The Second shirt bought, will go to Scholarships benefiting #DISD students for Fashion Arts & Culture as well as Athletics.

Listen in as he shares a few passionate words about what’s happening in our backyards schools in our back yard with his many supporters after the exclusive ready-to-wear presentation.