Category: Makeup

May 30 2020

A Ranking of the Worst Concealer Mistakes, According to a Makeup Artist

Sometimes the secret to flawless-looking skin is just a really good concealer. The beauty product might be the hardest-working thing in your makeup bag. For me, some months, it might even

May 23 2020

The Best Primers for the Over-40 Set, According to Makeup Artists

Opinions can vary when it comes to how essential primers are to a makeup routine. We’ve written about the debate before. Some people sit in the yes camp, while others

May 22 2020

Celebrity Makeup Artists Only Use These 20 Eye Shadow Palettes

The perfect eye shadow palette can do so much. Some might call it the most versatile product in your makeup bag. Depending on the variety of colors in the palette, you

May 07 2020

The Best Runway Beauty Looks to Test-Drive in Lockdown

Images: Imaxtree We have a lot of time on our hands. Even as we’re keeping somewhat busy with work, school, etc. So now’s the time to experiment with all those

May 02 2020

I Thought Setting Powders Were Useless, But These 17 Changed My Mind

To be totally honest, most days, I try to get away with wearing as minimal makeup as possible. It’s not that I don’t love makeup, I really do, but when I’m

Apr 29 2020

Should You Wear Make-Up During Quarantine?

It’s complicated. There are certainly days and days and days in a row where I don’t wear make-up during quarantine. But then there are a few days hidden in the