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Sep 21 2019

8 Eyebrow-Blessed Celebs and the Exact Products Makeup Artists Use on Them

It’s no secret celebrities have access to the best skincare experts in the industry. Honestly, they could easily walk red carpets and attend events completely barefaced sans any kind of makeup. But they also

Sep 17 2019

The Exact Products Makeup Artists Use on Celeb Clients to Make Their Skin Glow

Every makeup artist has their own beat. They’re artists, after all. That said, there’s a masterful set of makeup artists who have a reputation within the industry for creating the most glowing,

Sep 15 2019

I’m a 25-Year-Old Cancer Survivor: Here’s the Toxic Makeup I’ll Never Use Again

When I began the switch to a nontoxic lifestyle in regard to my household products, skincare, and food, I knew that switching my makeup over would be a must. As I’ve

Sep 05 2019

These Makeup Mirrors Make Applying Your Makeup a No-Brainer

We compromise on a lot of things, but a less-than-lit makeup mirror should never be one of them. Especially now when the right mirror can do so much more than

Aug 07 2019

These Popular American Beauty Ingredients Are Actually Banned in Other Countries

Image: Imaxtree You may not realize that many ingredients commonly found in American beauty products are actually banned in other countries. But we don’t blame you. Labels on beauty products

Jul 29 2019

Chanel’s New Fall 2019 Makeup Collection Is Pretty Black and White

Image: Courtesy of Chanel In a fashion universe still obsessed with logomania, Chanel’s logo is truly iconic. Those interlocking Cs have always been a status symbol and now the brand