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Oct 13 2019

This Bikini Trend Is Suddenly Dying

As temperatures are rising, so are the occasions to wear swimsuits, and celebrities have been quick to snap photos of their latest looks at the beach and pool. We’ve already

Oct 12 2019

5 Editors With Different Skin Types Test SkinCeuticals’ Viral Brightening Potion

Months ago when I posted a photo of one of SkinCeuticals’ latest launches to my Instagram Stories, pandemonium ensued. Instantly, I was flooded with DMs questioning what it was, if

Oct 11 2019

The One Shoe Style That Makes You Look Wealthier Than You Are

This summer has been marked with some rather, well, “cheap” fashion trends—seashell earrings, beaded bags, and flip-flops to name a few. For fall, though, expect things to be a little

Oct 10 2019

Exactly Which Color Shoes to Wear With Every Navy Dress Style

Of all the colors in our closet, navy is probably one of the toughest to style. The dark blue shade doesn’t easily lend itself to being paired with many other

Oct 09 2019

Meghan Markle Wore Naked Shoes to Her First Hollywood Event in 2006

Some people may not have known about Meghan Markle until her relationship with Prince Harry became public, but Suits fans have probably been following her since the show debuted back

Oct 08 2019

18 Pairs of “Granny Panties” That Are Weirdly Hot

Yes, I just used “hot” and “granny panties” in the same sentence, and I fully stand by it. A woman’s relationship with underwear evolves over time, and up until recently, it