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Dec 10 2018

Celebs Make These Skinny-Jean “Mistakes”—and Don’t Care

Let’s just get this out of the way. We’re all about you doing you, so if there’s a look you’re feeling, own it despite the “rules” out there. Celebrities, in general, are all about just going for it—especially when it comes to embracing the skinny-jean styling “mistakes” floating in the universe. Case in point? Victoria […]

Dec 08 2018

7 Things Everyone Can Learn From This 43-Year-Old French Trendsetter

Around the world, women look to their counterparts in France as a source of inspiration. It seems that French women have a lesson in effortlessly cool fashion to teach the rest of us. But, sitting at the pinnacle of the Parisians is the model, rocker, and muse Caroline de Maigret. At 43, Caroline’s laid-back yet […]

Dec 07 2018

The Top 6 Trends People Actually Bought in 2018

Don’t you want to know? We did too. So, when we recently had the chance to chat with Shopbop Fashion Director Caroline Maguire at the company’s epic holiday party this week, we couldn’t help but ask: What trends did people buy a lot of this year? As it turns out, many of the same pieces […]

Dec 06 2018

The One Bag French Girls Will Never Buy

We often discuss French-girl style: Simple wardrobe basics and lived-in hair are at the center of that Parisian effortlessness. But how does it translate to handbags—one of the essential wardrobe accessories? We tapped four French girls to weigh in on the bags we would never find in their closets and the ones they wear on […]

Dec 05 2018

12 Things Short Girls Can Wear Instead of These Trends

You’re short, and that’s great—but maybe you don’t want to accentuate it. While actual growth is out of the question, you can change the way you appear by knowing what not to wear. If you’re wondering if your clothes don’t look right because you’re on the shorter side, it’s entirely possible that you’re just wearing […]

Dec 04 2018

5 Trends I Don’t Think Will Make It to 2019

While I can’t claim to get it right 100% of the time, I will say that when it comes to fashion trends, I like to think I have a pretty good intuition as to which are rising, and those that may be on their way out. This, for me at least, is especially worth considering […]