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Jan 28 2020

Kate Middleton Wore the Designer Version of Everyone’s Favorite Grandma Trend

Given that Kate Middleton has to follow a pretty conservative dress code, it’s not surprising that she’s embracing the season’s grandma trends (whether on purpose or not). One of our favorites that

Jan 27 2020

This Parisian It Girl’s New Engagement Ring Is Quintessentially French

If you read any of the French style content that we produce here on Who What Wear, or if you just like to follow cool girls on Instagram that happen

Jan 27 2020

My Plan For Healthy Hair

I’ve had enough. My ends are fried, my roots are always showing and the constant uphill battle to be blonde is starting to come to an end for me. I

Jan 26 2020

Sienna Miller Just Wore the Gucci Version of Ugg Boots to the Airport

Whenever celebs embark on the winter wonderland that is the Sundance Film Festival, we eagerly await the chic looks that celebs wear for the various events and premieres. And lo

Jan 25 2020

Complete Your Winter Wedding Look With These 15 Shoes

As much as you’d love to wear sandals on your wedding day, if you’re celebrating it during the winter, there’s a slim chance that will happen (for you or your

Jan 24 2020

I’m a Closeted Beauty Product Junkie—Here Are My 21 Must-Haves

As a fashion editor, I talk about trends and shoes and outfits all day long at work. When I’m not at the office, I’m spending time with friends who will inevitably