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Mar 28 2020

“Naked” Underwear Is Now a Thing

Over the years, we’ve introduced you to a plethora of lingerie and underwear trends. You might not have known that cage underwear is a thing and string undergarments are popular again, but

Mar 27 2020

Affordable Lingerie Brands That Still Feel High-End

We get it—it’s a little painful to fork over large sums of money on undergarments and the like that rarely see the light of day. Equally painful is wasting your

Mar 26 2020

This Is Officially the Coolest Country to Buy Your Swimwear From

As the summer months quickly approach and vacations are booked, there’s probably one thing on your mind—swimwear. If you’re a major swimwear connoisseur, it can often feel like once you’ve seen

Mar 24 2020

7 Things That Always Make an Engagement Ring Look Cheap

An engagement ring is one of the most personal pieces of jewelry one will ever own. Beyond the sentiment, an engagement ring will also probably be one of the biggest pieces

Mar 23 2020

The Pretty Spring Dress Trends We’re Into (and 6 We’re Giving Up)

When it comes to the list of spring and summer purchases, a pretty dress ranks pretty high. You know the style: one that’s chic with an of-the-moment silhouette, but also

Mar 22 2020

5 Basics Worth Owning If You Live In Simple Jeans and Sneakers

There’s a strong chance that you, like me, wear jeans and sneakers on the regular. While you may have a go-to outfit you wear with the two staples, I think there are a