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Dec 03 2020

6 Winter Trends That Have Officially Expired

Winter is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you’re already mentally preparing for your seasonal wardrobe shift. Naturally, fashion changes quite a lot over time which

Dec 02 2020

My 62-Year-Old Mom Credits This Cheap Face Cream for Her Wrinkle-Free Complexion

If you know me or follow along with my beauty musings here on Who What Wear, then you may have noticed that I’ve become a low-key anti-anti-aging crusader. It’s not that I’m against the

Dec 01 2020

Hair Experts Reveal the Styles Women Over 50 Love

I’m really sorry to say it, but when it comes to our body, time takes its toll on just about all of it. And although we know all too well

Nov 29 2020

Jennifer Lopez Wore Winter’s Most Comfortable Dress Trend Out to Dinner

The weather and the world are all over the place these days, but leave it to J.Lo to know exactly what to wear out to dinner when approximately 80% of most

Nov 28 2020

I’ve Seen a Ton of Fashion People Wearing This Outfit Formula, and I’m Trying It

I recently noticed an outfit trend while scrolling through images I saved on IG. And yep, it’s one I want to try ASAP. The look in question? A sweatsuit or knit set

Nov 28 2020

Nelly’s ‘DWTS’ Shoes Expected to Raise Over $50k for The Teen Project

Nelly’s custom-made dance shoes were all the rage on this season of “Dancing with the Stars,” and now they’re going to a great cause — helping young women who are