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Nov 15 2018

The One Ankle Boot Style That’s In It for the Long Haul

You can’t deny the power of the perfect pair of black ankle boots. But we don’t really need to go on and on about how they’re a staple—you already know

Nov 13 2018

Real or Fake, This Bracelet Will Make You Look So Rich

We’ve been talking a lot about long-lost jewelry trends that are finally coming back around, including charm bracelets, turquoise, and more. Among those nostalgic styles is the iconic and timeless

Nov 13 2018

From Sienna to Alexa, These Celebrity Winter Outfits Are Ticking All the Boxes

From Sarah Jessica Parker and Bella Hadid to Priyanka Chopra and Emma Roberts, the celeb crowd has been knocking it out of the park over the past few weeks with

Nov 12 2018

This $10 Fashion “Afterthought” Is Now a Wardrobe Staple

Socks. Yep, the last item you probably think of when putting together your outfit. Sure, they’re critical to making your favorite pair of flats or sneakers actually comfortable, but aside

Nov 10 2018

14 Finds We Have Saved to Our Instagram Collections Right Now

Did you catch this post last time? If so, simply continue on for a trove of inspiration and shopping. If not, here’s the rundown… As someone who was actually pretty

Nov 09 2018

The Items No One Is Wearing in Paris

In late September of this year, I traveled to Paris to spend a couple of weeks of vacation in one of my most favorite cities in France. I dined at