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Mar 21 2019

The Best Reese Witherspoon Style Moments

While we’ll never forget her stylish (and very pink) turn as Elle Woods, Reese Witherspoon’s personal style is not to be overlooked. The Southern belle has a signature look that’s polished, feminine, but also fun. Whether she’s tackling a major red carpet, or she’s out running errands, Reese’s aesthetic is instantly recognizable. Now, thanks to […]

Mar 20 2019

20 Under-$40 Dresses to Wear With Sneakers This Spring

When I think of easy spring outfit ideas, few are more top of mind than the classic dress-and-sneaker combo. After all, everyone owns (at least) one pair of sneakers, and when the weather finally turns dress-appropriate, they quickly become the only thing you want to wear. Plus, it’s pretty much as comfortable an outfit as […]

Mar 19 2019

This $17 Amazon Serum Has Almost the Same Ingredients as a $166 Cult Favorite

Dermatologists agree that if you’re going to splurge on any at-home skincare product, let it be serums. While cleansers’ and moisturizers’ purposes are a little more basic and therefore require fewer expensive ingredients, serums are aimed at treating specific issues like dark spots, fine lines, and acne. So if you want them to generate visible […]

Mar 18 2019

The Spring Trend Everyone Wore at Fashion Week Is Only $42

You know what I just love? When everyone in the fashion world wears a thing, and that thing doesn’t only exist for hundreds of dollars (and above). I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love a luxury splurge or investment piece here and there, but when it comes to trends, the only financially sustainable way […]

Mar 17 2019

5 Under-$150 Pieces That Have Earned a Cult Celebrity Following

Celebrities, they’re just like us. Well, most of the time that’s not exactly true for a plethora of obvious reasons, but sometimes they can’t pass up a good affordable fashion buy either, which makes them just like us in a way. We all know celebs have access to a world of luxury goods, which makes their choice in […]

Mar 16 2019

Have We Reached Peak Shell? You Tell Me

I still remember when the shell trend first piqued my interest. Back in May of last year, my colleague Lauren (whom I sit directly next to) wrote about how shell jewelry was the bubbling trend about to break. I paid no mind at the time—even though, of course, she was right—because shells weren’t quite speaking […]