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Sep 22 2019

Sorry, These 9 Jewelry Trends Are Officially Out

In order to welcome something new into your closet, you often have to say goodbye to something else. This is an easy sentiment to remember when it comes to clothing, but

Sep 21 2019

8 Eyebrow-Blessed Celebs and the Exact Products Makeup Artists Use on Them

It’s no secret celebrities have access to the best skincare experts in the industry. Honestly, they could easily walk red carpets and attend events completely barefaced sans any kind of makeup. But they also

Sep 20 2019

J.Lo’s New Favorite Accessory Should Probably Only Be Attempted If You’re J.Lo

Jennifer Lopez continues to solidify herself as a modern-day style icon. She’s currently in Milan for fashion week, so no better time to prove her icon status, right? Her style is inarguably

Sep 19 2019

Jennifer Lawrence Wore the Black Leggings Nordstrom Shoppers Freak Over

Fact: Jennifer Lawrence knows good basics. If she’s not working her styling magic on a white tee and sneakers, she’s making a strong case for the flats you should be wearing with

Sep 18 2019

5 Perfect Outfits Celebs Always Wear With Dr. Martens

Affordable, comfortable, versatile, timeless—Dr. Martens’ signature utility combat boots certainly check all the boxes, which probably explains why the label consistently ranks among the top shoe brands trending on Google.

Sep 17 2019

The Exact Products Makeup Artists Use on Celeb Clients to Make Their Skin Glow

Every makeup artist has their own beat. They’re artists, after all. That said, there’s a masterful set of makeup artists who have a reputation within the industry for creating the most glowing,