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Jan 19 2021

I Ordered 3 Under-$50 Basics From Amazon on a Whim—Here’s My Honest Review

Ordering basics on Amazon isn’t something I’d say is easy, as far as shopping is concerned. The options are vast and things can quickly get overwhelming, but I’m here to help. My

Jan 18 2021

Meet The Bougiest, (Yet Surprisingly Affordable) Lingerie Trend I’ve Been Loving

Much like anything form-fitting, or that requires fasteners to put on, bras have taken a backseat in my clothing lineup. It wasn’t exactly an intentional fashion exile on my part:

Jan 17 2021

The Absolute Best Shoes for the Snow

When you’re purchasing a pair of snow boots, it’s important to look for a few key details. First, a sole with a grippy material (no one wants to slip and

Jan 16 2021

I Live in Black Sweaters and Think These 19 Are the Absolute Best

There are certain wardrobe staples that will never, and I mean never, go out of style no matter how many trends may come and go. Among them are vintage jeans, black ankle

Jan 15 2021

Emily Ratajkowski Wore Leggings With Snake-Print Boots Like a Boss

As I’m typing this, I’m wearing black leggings. Shocker, right? I’d wager that you might be as well. But it’s safe to say that you wouldn’t have thought to wear

Jan 14 2021

Gigi Hadid Just Wore Sweatpants That Are Masquerading as Jeans

If there’s one thing you can count on at Who What Wear, it’s getting all the best celebrity outfit credits. It’s been our bread and butter for over a decade,