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Oct 21 2020

11 Cool Flannel Outfits That Look Nothing Like the Ones You Wore In High School

Shop With WWW, our annual two-day shopping event, is here! Between now and 11:59 p.m. PT on October 22, you get to shop with exclusive discounts from our favorite brands

Oct 20 2020

Rich the Kid Sued by Fashion Nova for Failing to Promote Brand

Rich the Kid promised to promote Fashion Nova and mention the company in one of his tracks, but the clothing line says he took their money and ran … according

Oct 20 2020

I’m Going to Say It: These Are Fall’s Most Controversial It Shoes

As fall is officially in full swing, I’ve been scrolling through my feed in search of emerging shoe trends (as one does when they work in fashion), and lo and behold, a big

Oct 19 2020

Joker’s Fedora from ‘Batman,’ ‘Star Wars’ Lightsaber & More in $5.6 Mil Auction

Some of the big screen’s most iconic props from the past 40 years are going up for grabs … but some will cost as much as a small indie film’s

Oct 19 2020

42 Photos of Cute Pets (and Their Celeb Parents) That Are Making Us Smile

Let’s talk about pets!  With so much going on in the world, sometimes you need to force yourself to take a break. I know I do. So on my “break,” I

Oct 18 2020

I Wore a Different Perfume Every Day for a Month—These 10 Earned Me Compliments

Oh, and they all had one thing in common. Growing up, the bottles of body sprays, lotions, butters, and eau de toilettes that lined my bathroom vanity were far sweeter than