Category: Celebrity

Aug 19 2019

J.Lo Just Wore a Barely There Hot-Pink Bikini Like It’s No Big Deal

Another day, another seriously stunning Instagram post from J.Lo. We couldn’t help but do a double take at her most recent post this weekend. The singer and actress posed in character on the set of her upcoming film, Hustlers, in which she plays Ramona, a stripper who bands together with her fellow employees to turn […]

Aug 18 2019

The Worst Shoes to Wear to the Office

Figuring out how to master your wardrobe in a professional setting can sometimes be difficult to navigate. It’s often a tricky balance to personal style with professional style in a work setting—and shoes are no exception. The issue gets even more complicated when fashion enters the equation. What are the best styles to wear, and […]

Aug 17 2019

5 Fashion “Mistakes” I’ve Made That Are Low-Key Painful to Me

If I did a quick scan of the outfits I wore over the last few years, there would undoubtedly be a few I regret. Guilty. The root of those “mishaps” almost always boils down to a styling issue I overlooked at the time. But that’s the thing about my fashion mistakes—if they never happened, I […]

Aug 16 2019

This No-Show Underwear Gives You One Less Thing to Worry About

I have extremely fond memories of my wedding and ended up having no regrets about my bridal jumpsuit look except for one major oversight on my end: I didn’t opt for a pair of no-show underwear. It was a major face-palm moment. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after the wedding when I saw the pictures that […]

Aug 15 2019

Zara Just Dropped So Many Fall Boots—These Are the 17 We Love

Sure, summer’s great, but have you ever put on a new pair of ankle boots and wished for cooler weather? Zara has, once again, been reading our thoughts. We want the new season to start, and it has kindly provided yet another drop of new boots for us to obsess and debate over. Do you go for the white ankle boots with […]

Aug 14 2019

Estheticians Cringe Every Time You Use This Product Before Going in the Sun

Skin health experts want you to enjoy the sun—no need to hide away under a parasol all summer long in the name of good skin—but making sure you’re properly protected from damage is crucial. “The sun makes us happy and provides vital vitamin D,” says Danielle Gronich, a cellular biologist, licensed esthetician, and co-founder of […]