Bishop T.D. Jakes swooped down in Dallas to share his business expertise and help entrepreneurs take flight with his  40th book titled SOAR! The first leg of the mega book release took off at Bishop Jakes home church, The Potter’s House, right here in Dallas, TX.

A few years ago I attended T.D. Jakes Megafest with my mother as a vendor. The Megafest was one of the best productions I’ve seen. There was an overwhelming amount of organization. So, when the opportunity arose to interview T.D. Jakes, I was super excited because I wanted to really see how everything worked together. I wanted to understand the vision behind it all. Truth be told, I held some unfair misconceptions about Pastors, especially Mega Pastors. So I wanted to see what this Mega Pastor could have to say about business? The day before the event, my 10-year-old son, an aspiring businessman, asks to come along.  I agree, and bring him to the event.

When we arrive he says,

“Mom there’s a line to get in church, I’ve never seen a line to get in church”

This was our first visit to the Potter’s House. It’s near one of our most favorite Dallas neighborhoods. The landscape is beautiful near Dallas Baptist University.  Let’s be clear, T.D. Jakes is an architect. Entering and exiting the church is very intuitive and streamlined. The landscape and design of the church are meticulous. The branding is extremely cohesive from the color scheme of The Potter’s House to the wordplay of Clay Academy. There are minimalistic thoughtful details that make the experience very easy for attendees. Efficiencies are at every corner. A good experience was clearly aforethought and that forethought was executed well. I say T.D. Jakes is an architect is because he developed an efficient system to move people with the essence of time intact. The church structure reminded me of the Mega Fest event- polished. We arrived early, and people were already lined up to get inside. People lined up early Saturday morning in Dallas for a Business Seminar was pretty exciting for me to witness. There was a great energy in the building. The building was literally filled with hope. People from all over, business owners, entrepreneurs, aspiring authors, and all sorts of creatives came out to hear from Bishop Jakes.
T.D. Jakes passion is writing and his purpose is the church. It was really interesting watching T.D. Jakes up close. His people have very clear and defined roles. They execute those roles well. T.D. Jakes has wonderful PR. I’ve worked with quite a few PR personalities, and Jordan is a phenom. He has people in the right positions to support his purpose and passion.  When the cameras are on, T.D. Jakes is poised and at the very top of the game.  I saw him listening to his people’s guidance and schedule. I realized he truly trusted his staff and was carefully listening to them.  To my surprise, there was no arrogance, there was no ego puffing. He was very humble and welcoming. T.D. Jakes is obviously a gifted speaker. He handles questions with finesse, and can guides conversations with a command of the language like no other. It was an honor to watch so a wordsmith up close and personal. He is sharp! T.D. Jakes sharpness will now enter the fashion arena. During the press conference, Bishop Jakes referenced the importance of adorning yourself in proper garments to send the right message to your market. Interestingly enough, when T.D. Jakes entered the room, he was just a well dressed regular human being. He was humble. He was nice. He was happy and excited to be there. It felt like my favorite Uncle just walked in.  It made me realize he was just an ordinary man doing extraordinary things. He was so filled with passion and stories and adventures that he wanted to tell. He was excited to tell everyone what he just experienced in Africa. Behind the scenes, I witness a grateful man, who as a child loved writing stories, get to see his 40th book come to fruition.  T.D. Jakes simplified the experiences of his life into a book to help you get off the ground and start soaring.
Once our interview wrapped, T.D. Jakes stopped us, in a very candid moment and began to speak about his mother. This was not captured on film but stood out the most. T.D. Jakes commended his mother and spoke about much of what he learned was from her excellence and drive. He shared some very wise words to my son and really encouraged me as a mother and entrepreneur.

What stands out at any T.D. Jakes event is, Organization and Clearly Defined Roles

SOAR! Build Your Vision from the Ground Up

Are you ready to start living? Have you wanted your own business and don’t know where to begin? Do you want to build something from the ground up? Do you have a vision? If you answered yes, then T.D. Jakes wants to speak to you! It’s time for you to SOAR.


Bishop T.D. Jakes book SOAR



Bishop T.D. Jakes showed an overwhelming care for the future of the youth.  Youth Journalist, AJ, spoke with Bishop Jakes at the SOAR event. 

Check out our footage below.

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