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Press Release C.E.O. FORCE 2017
March 23, 2017

DALLAS, TEXAS Central Library aLocated at 1515 Young St. 75201 1st Floor Auditorium on April 1st – 2nd will be filled with wealthformation.

Dallas’ very own Community Economic Opportunity (C.E.O.) with their kick-off Donation Only monthly event themed all of 2017 as C.E.O. FORCE held every 1st weekend in 2017 has being on-going since 12/13/14 with heightened momentum due to a dawning new economy. Last years events were held every 4th Thursday at Mark Cuban’s Magnolia Theatre, the same Billionaire who’s been screaming, “Without $100,000.00 cash on hand by this next economic crash, you will feel the wrath.”

C.E.O. Force hosts these monthly wealthinars to get the community to their Six-Figures and more by introducing education about assets and wealth strategies normally not accessible to the general public. Wealth Strategist Douglas A. C. Eze Author of Creating Generational Wealth and Resource Investor and Radio Show Host David Wren will be presenting private wealth strategies that the rich will never teach on a public platform.  City and Community Leaders are also invited to share economic growth information to the community on a monthly basis. C.E.O. Presenters provide detailed asset development and growth opportunities to DFW Metroplex community members each 1stweekend of the month. Douglas Eze|CEO of Largo Financial and Founder of Eze Foundation David Wren|CEO of Prosperity Mint a precious metals Dealership. Both of these Investors have changed over 500 lives and reached over 8 Figures of wealth building assets multinationally while changing lives through various financial services and investment vehicles.

Dr. Omai Kofi Founded Community Economic Opportunity in 2011 when a well-known bank requested the entire Dallas African-American media community to collectively promote them as the bank of choice. Members of the media declined the offer therefore, she decided to press on with members of the community on the same precipice with other financial institutions and leaders.

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Media Relations
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Phone: 209-441-OMAI
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