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Where are you from?  Desoto, Texas stand up! I went to Duncanville

Highschool but you know I blame the border lines in the city.

Q: What is your mission? My mission in life is to serve and deliver unique

experiences to the culture. They say one of the best days in a man’s life is

when he finds out his purpose on earth. The other days I believe are his

birthday, meeting his wife, the birth of his children, and finding Christ.

Q: What is your brand? It is The Culture Supplier. This basically defines my


Q: How did you come up with the concept? I think accepting who I was trying

to become. I was once asked, “What do people come to you for”? Well, most

of the time it’s information, things to do, concepts, mentorship, and

connections. The first step was creating the website theculturesupplier.com,

which was developed out of filling a void, the second was developing the

following to influence people positively. I honestly feel like I will always be

working on step two.

Q: What makes your brand unique? I am genuine and give without expecting

things in return. But I also take shots at opportunities. I look at the guys who

run the CEO Millionaires brand. They shot, a lot of shots before something

worked in their favor. They are genuine; they give to their followers and stand

out among other brands without over doing it.

Q: How are you connecting and working with other people in the city? I am

always looking for puzzle pieces that I can help and that can help me. I have a

variety of concepts, I am working on. Some have to deal with

theculturesupplier.com, community service; music, film and more. I have

expanded in the different types of people I have worked with in and out of the

state of Texas

Q: What can people expect to see from you in 2017? – What can you expect

to see? I am trimming fat. I am simply preparing and working for 2020. No

fluffy words to describe that. But I am expanding theculturesupplier.com

involving more cultures, increasing the content and value. You will see the

return of the Millennial Chef Showcase and Cancer Blackout Dallas. You will

see my mentees accomplish things they didn’t expect to do themselves.

When I imagine myself at 30 I smile! If it is in God’s plan, I will become more

effective at my mission; I will influence more people, and reach more goals.

2017 is another growth year for me! Think about this Fetty Wap song “Trap

Queen” came out in 2014 but he had that song back in rotation in 2013 trying

to push it. That song took a whole year to hit the charts like it did. It’s about

taking chances and being patient.

Q: What is your inspiration? My family! Specifically, my father is my

inspiration. He is teaching me the keys to be better than him, to go further, to

think more strategically.

Q: What are the keys to success? In my mind, I am responding to this in a Dj

Khaled Voice. But the keys are simple, work towards becoming a master at

your craft, read, accept criticism, and promote yourself.

Q: What do you do on a daily basis to create success for your business?

Read different blog sites, speak with my writers, listen to podcast & talk to

people who are in the same field to understand the trends.

Q: What is your motivation? I am motivated by the fact that it is all obtainable.

I mean all of it! That doesn’t motivate you? Well, it motivates me! The worst

person to let down is yourself and spurting out those words “ I should have did

this “ or “ man only if I would have”. If you want to talk to Sean Combs,

message him every day, send him content, video yourself talking about your

strengths, weaknesses, how you can be an asset! Someone from his camp or

even he will notice you.

Q Can you give the readers some tips about becoming successful? 1. Get a

Mentor, get 3 mentors!

Q: Describe your style? I have a classic style, the simple things are key for

me. From the hat, the shirt, shoes. They are classic items. Never try too hard.

Everything that I wear flows naturally with my personality.

Q: What is your must-have accessory? A watch is a must at all times.

Q: What is your least favorite trend? The holes in the clothes trend. Now I do

have a shirt with a few small holes in it. But the really ripped jeans or shirts

that just look like you got attacked by a tiger. Possibly the tiger from

Hangover. ( side note I am a movie buff). I don’t knock it but it’s just not my


Q: What trends will we see in 2017? In my opinion, video production, live

video, use of interactive content will go through the roof. There will also be a

shift in privacy laws for platforms, and more creative people will emerge. By

the way, Snapchat and Instagram are killing the game.

Q: How can people follow your journey?  On Social, well not really because

everything doesn’t make it to social media or just email me! I respond, maybe

I can learn something from their journey while they learn from mine.

Q: Favorite Movies? Boomerang, The Last Samurai, Blue Streak, Beverly Hills

Cop, Malibu’s Most Wanted, Raging Bull, Pulp Fiction, Black Hawk Down,

Matilda, Blue Chips.

Q: Favorite Quote?  “Success is never owned, it is rented and the rent is due

every day.”

Q: Where do you like to shop? Places to shop: My suits come are custom

made from Eminent Style.  I also like Aldo, Old Navy, friends who have

brands, Macy’s, Pac Sun, J Crew (On Sale Days), and the Banana Republic.

Q: Favorite places to go on the weekend? I enjoy small coffee shops that are

laid back and have wifi. I also either am going to play basketball or headed to

the movie theaters.

Q: Grooming tips or products for men: I am still learning how to maintain a

bald head. That’s tough.

Q: Grooming places to go in Dallas for men: The Boardroom is one I


Q: Favorite entertainment hot spots: I enjoy watching games at the Owner’s

Box.  Pete’s Piano Bar is cool for a group or House of Blues!


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