Be Square, It Makes You Well Rounded

Gentlemen, it pains me to say that most men don’t realize the necessity of my favorite friend to all of my suits. You may know this friend to be the pocket square. When you ditch that pocket square, it can make your suit look lonely. Often, more times than not, with no pocket square that $2000 suit can look more like a $20 suit. Yes, this tiny piece of fabric can bring your suit game to praise worthy status. It brings the pop and flair that you have so longed for in your wardrobe. The pocket square is just as important to your suit as the fitting of the suit is.

Try this little trick that I tried on my brother before heading out for a night in Uptown Dallas. First, get fully dressed in your suit head to toe, shoes and all. Then, stand in front of the mirror gaze and revel in your level of suaveness. Now, take a step back grab a pocket square no matter the color, I recommend starting with a plain linen white pocket square, place it correctly in your suit chest pocket. Go ahead, walk back on over to the mirror. When did James Bond walk into the room? Who let Ryan Gosling into my home? Where did Idris Elba come from? Those may be the thoughts running through your head, well some derivative of those. This is actually fun, I recommend trying this out with your spouse, girlfriend, or female friend in the room. Not only is it fun to do, but it will also make her feel like you’re modeling for her and showing off the goods. If you have several suits, pocket squares, and ties mix it all up and try different patterns and colors along with different suits. This is a great way to find out which ties and pocket squares work perfectly together and the ones that she approves. Thank me later.
Hint: Your tie and pocket square should not match, but instead complement each other perfectly.

Written by: Korey Larkins

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