Author: Korey Larkins

Sep 23 2016

Men’s Fashion: Top 10 online shops to try this fall

Gentlemen, I know you’re finding yourself more and more inclined to keep up with the times by shopping online. You’re wanting to find the perfect apparel for this fall season that has arrived and you also want to find the perfect fit. Well, when the local mall just isn’t cutting it, here are my top […]

Apr 24 2016

Be Square, It Makes You Well Rounded

Gentlemen, it pains me to say that most men don’t realize the necessity of my favorite friend to all of my suits. You may know this friend to be the pocket square. When you ditch that pocket square, it can make your suit look lonely. Often, more times than not, with no pocket square that […]

Mar 01 2016

The Chocolate Mint Foundation

If there is one thing that Dallas isn’t missing, it’s a place for the underprivileged youth. The Chocolate Mint Foundation, located at 201 Executive Way in Desoto, TX 75115 is precisely that. This foundation houses something very important for the youth of Dallas. It is a place to learn, grow, build personal friendships and bonds, as well […]

Jan 19 2016

Weekly Gent Updates (Top 5 Places to Find a Belt in Dallas)

Gentleman, Let’s face it, you’re a man and you need a good belt to go with your manly wardrobe. Trust me I know you can find a belt anywhere, but that thinking is probably why you constantly replace your belt or walk around with frayed edges on your belt. Here are 5 great places to […]

Oct 10 2015

Why You Should Enjoy and Embrace Nutmeg with a Hint of Suede

It’s fall and one thing you can’t and should not avoid or shades of brown. My favorite nutmeg. When worn correctly, no matter your choice of style, it can be a real eye catcher. I’ll show you three looks that any man and gent can wear to make women swoon over you. 1. The Coat […]