Author: Jawan Douglas

Hi! I'm Jawan, and I am a proud Fashion Journalist for FAB! It's my job to alert you all about upcoming shows, trends and other events that'll up your style game!
Jun 26 2017
Anime Girl FAB Magazine AKON

Project A-Kon 28!

Konichiwa, it’s A-Kon time! A-Kon 28 has made its way to Texas, at the Fort Worth Convention Center! For four days (June 8-11) I, along with many anime enthusiasts, moguls and fanatics, will experience the fun side of Japanese culture! From Anime and Karaoke to Lolita Tea Parties and a Kawaii J-Fashion Show, A-Kon will […]

Mar 27 2017
fab spring

Perfect Season for a Woman’s Reason

Perfect Season for a Woman’s Reason By: Jawan Douglas When you think of Spring, you think of flowers, nature, and rebirth. You think of the sweet smell of the tropical azaleas, the cool, pop and vibrant colors of carnations, and the beauty of the bluebonnets that shine like sapphires as they move smoothly side to […]

Mar 19 2017

Spring ’17: JEWEL-bilee!

Spring ’17: JEWEL-bilee! By: Jawan Douglas As the season of Spring makes its way into 2017, a new style has shone its light across the worldwide streets of fashion. Different cuts, karats, colors and styles, Spring 2017 welcomes all fashionistas to the JEWEL-bilee! This amazing new style era is a trend in which jewels will […]

Nov 30 2015

The “Winter Lookbook”

Jae Angelo Fashions is proud to unleash our very own undisclosed “Winter Lookbook” for the year of 2015. In here, FASHION & BEAUTY moguls can be easily inspired by the colors, trends, and the season itself, and create something new and jolly! For fashion moguls, winter is the best time of the year to show […]

Oct 03 2015

Tips & Tricks to A Spooktacular HALLOWEEN

   Halloween is here, and all the ghouls and ghosts are coming out from their graves and tombs, embracing the dark night by scaring neighbors into giving them candy! The tricks may be deviously wicked, but the treats are what make Halloween extra special. Everyone, sometimes, can’t make a Halloween truly spooktacular, but thanks to […]

Aug 19 2015


By: Jae Angelo   Whenever I’m at school, I like to style in a way that combines many aspects of my present, and future, selves. My present self presents the aspect of an edgy, unique, kid that likes to rebel, but has a huge reputation to uphold. I like to show off a figure, no […]