Sep 24 2019

GYMGUYZ Celebrates National Women’s Fitness Day

GYMGUYZ Celebrates National Women’s Fitness Day At GYMGUYZ Far North Dallas, we are all about great training and exceptional convenience for our clients.  We bring the gym to the client!

Sep 24 2019

Charlize Theron Gets Sweet Support From Oscar Isaac While Celebrating Her 2019 PCAs Nom: Watch!

Charlize Theron is all smiles over her E! People’s Choice Awards nomination! At the press junket for her upcoming film, The Addams Family, out Oct. 11, E! News asked how

Oct 04 2018

How to Take a Passport Photo That’s Perfect for Your Dating Profile, Too

If you go to the Passport Photos section of the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs’ site and read through all the regulations, you probably can’t help but

Oct 04 2018

Raw: Charred Mesquite School Bus Towed Away

The charred remains of a Mesquite Independent School District bus were towed away before sunrise early Thursday morning, hours after one child was killed and several others injured when the

Jul 25 2017

Lying to yourself! The path to unhappiness!

If you feel stuck in unhappiness, there’s a high probability you might be lying to yourself. Living in Dallas you’ve heard the phrase “The Devil is a lie”. Well this lying

Mar 22 2017

Becoming a Media Influencer with Marcus Gilmore of The Culture Supplier

        Where are you from?  Desoto, Texas stand up! I went to Duncanville Highschool but you know I blame the border lines in the city. Q: What