While I can’t claim to get it right 100% of the time, I will say that when it comes to fashion trends, I like to think I have a pretty good intuition as to which are rising, and those that may be on their way out. This, for me at least, is especially worth considering when it comes to those which you have to actually go out and buy, as opposed to the ones that just have to do with styling pieces you already own. So, if you’re looking to purchase some stylish sale finds right now, or invest in something to wear for seasons to come, seeing as we’re already in December, it helps to think about what you won’t be that into anymore come 2019—and I have a hunch as to just what fads those may be. To read about the trends I don’t think will make it past New Year’s Eve, and of course shop the ones I’m betting will take their places, simply continue on below.

Despite the off-putting name, slime green has definitely been having a moment in the fashion world and there’s no denying it. However, with a push from designers towards more wearable clothing in the coming year, we’re expecting neturals to be the next it-shades, with a big emphasis on brown. 
Also available in more sizes.
For the cities in which the weather allowed, flip-flops might have been fashion week’s most shocking trend of 2018, but for the year ahead there’s a new util-sandal in town, and it’s a bit sportier and Teva-inspired. 
While PVC as a general trend may not be going anywhere any time soon, when it comes to handbags, we’re expecting a shift to slightly more structured and polished silhouettes and a lot of those being in leather. 
Going into 2019, expect animal print to eclipse the iridescent and futuristic fabrics that reigned supreme in 2018—especially when it comes to statement outerwear options.
While beachy It-items are still on the docket for the coming year—especially spring 2019—the print of choice looks like it’s going to be tie-dye, as opposed to this year’s Hawaiian print craze. 

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