For Immediate Release:

Dallas, TX- Thursday, November 15, 2018: “10 shades of success” will be celebrating five years of honoring women around the community. It is a powerful avowal of the character, which honors and unites a diverse group of women; to share their success stories of overcoming personal and professional obstacles, all while empowering and inspiring other women as they discover their purpose. While we honor these wonderful cddcae_cc0f9dfebeb84d88a47be25a624de3d9.jpg_srb_p_479_719_75_22_0.50_1.20_0women, we will take this time to pay a special tribute to one of our 2015 recipients; Erica Annise. She sadly has CRPS, complex regional pain syndrome, a neurological chronic pain disorder of the central and peripheral nervous system. It affects the limbs in an agonizing way that I would not wish upon anyone. Both of her legs are affected by swelling three times the normal size, feeling as if each bone has been broken, set on fire and put back into her my body; says Erica. She feels as if she’s been in a head on collision every night and every day. Once she really understood her story she vowed to save lives from sharing her testimony. Erica’s desire, while receiving treatment in Italy, is to document this journey and allow the world to learn more while becoming more empathetic to those plagued with chronic illness. Sadly, this treatment is not covered by her insurance, which puts her family in a place of need.

10 Shades of Success will go red in support of Erica as she prepares for a life- altering treatment. We’re asking all attendees to wear a touch of RED or ALL REDThursday, November 15, 2018, to the awards gala that will begin at 6pm for exclusive guest and 7pm for general seating  (Location TBA)

37091407_2048827482049149_3439508083783499776_nThis year’s empowerment message will be led by Dr. Catrina Pullum: visionary, speaker, author, philanthropist, and our 2016 Shades of Success recipient. As a Vision Strategist, Dr. Catrina empowers her clients to identify the vision for their life. Through the strategic process, Dr. Catrina emboldens her clients to release their vision to reach their goals to fulfill their dreams.

“It is our personal and business goal to bring successful individuals together to honor their excellence and to also have the community come together for one common successful story of celebrating a diversity of women; says founder Karen Michelle.“We stand together to create an atmosphere of leading women that will continue to carry their leadership efforts outside of this organization while sharing the message of being an advocate for charitable causes”.

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